Friday, 13 March 2009

Special parcels!

Today a received a parcel with a lovely handmade book in it. I love blank books. This one is special because I won it on a give away at Amy Nelson's blog, An Li Na Designs .

Amy has been posting tutorials of how she makes her books. She is also one of the organisers for the Stretching Art exhibition, and has been posting step-by-step photos of one of the dolls (A Dragon!) she is making for the exhibition. Go over and have a look.

Amy and I actually met...well, nearly. We were both in Hollis Chatelaine's dye painting class in Houston. I "knew" her from the Stretching Art list, but we didn't find out we were in the same class til we were back home!

Also, Louise, who was one of the winners from the give away I had, left me a message that she posted a message to her blog about receiving her squishy parcel. I started reading the blog and discovered I may have met her at Houston as well. She was demoing in the Misty Fuse booth. I stopped by there a couple of times to blather on about my Bernina Garment, since I had used Misty Fuse in a few different ways in constructing it.

I wonder how many other blog followers I have just about met?
UPDATE: Hey! Sue B is a Misty Fuse girl, too!

Here is a bit of a mention of how I used the Misty Fuse with the mystery fabric.

The Mystery fabric works well when fused with Misty Fuse over a print or a too bright fabric to knock it back. I used it in red on the backing for Lady Sew-Forth, and I am using it in beige on Zoom:Letter, to "age" the brocade pattern which will be the border. I also used it in the ancient document print to pull the features of Zoom:Language together. These are all fused with Misty Fuse.

The ancient document mystery fabric and the beige and some of the brown are all part of the Endless Possibilities triptych, but not fused.


Sue B said...

Sandy I received my parcel yesterday and I love it, thanks so much. I've been following your blog since I met you in Houston last year (I was working the Mistyfuse booth) but I never left a comment until you had the giveaway :)

Sandy said...

Oh cool Sue, thanks for letting me know it got there. How interesting that there are so many Misty Fuse people who have won!

I am relieved I don't have to go to America again this Autumn, but it would have been fun to come hang out with the Misty Fuse people! Iris did say she wished she'd known about the bodice of Midnight Dance by Moonlight, because she'd have me come demo how it was done!

I am putting a note update at the end of this post about using the mystery fabric with Misty Fuse.

Thanks for the reply...and for letting me know someone is reading this regularly!!
Take care,

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Sandy, I've never been to the Houston show YET!!

I demoed for Mistyfuse at the 1st Long Beach Internation Quilt Festival in July, so, no, WE didn't meet. But I did get to meet a number of the the "names" on the quilt art list and ended up sitting at the designer's table for the Bernina luncheon (which was sure fun). I got some great photos and saw outfits from a number of QuiltArt folks from fairly close up.