Thursday, 26 March 2009


Today I am wading through paperwork in preparation for next weeks session on Texture. The paperwork isn't about is about end of course evaluations and so on. (I am finishing teaching the course for someone else.) On top of everything else, I am being observed, which has it's own set of paperwork! Fun...Not really.

No wonder teachers moan about all the paperwork!

However, I am finding I can cope with days away from the sewing machine or from creating something by doing a doodle page as I think about beginning the day.

I am also working through the C+G logbooks for the students, so I can understand exactly what it is they are meant to achieve. (It has changed slightly since I did this course.) although it could be tedious, I am finding it useful.

But, I am afraid the doodle page is all the visual interest you get today.

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