Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Here is a glimpse of how the third piece in the EquilARTeral Zoom challenge is going. We met the other night, so I got some of this done at least to show where I was going. Since then, I have done the "drawing with soldering iron" figures, as I showed you the other day.

I am trying to get Endless Possibilities done, so this is back on hold...but in the meanwhile I am contemplating the quilting. I think I have a good idea for it, I will just have to see how it goes.

I was a bit concerned as it is not really in the similar style to Words and Languages. But then how could you do Letter (as in alphabet) without doing an Illuminated letter? Especially if you are into the medieval look.

I did overlay the re-purposed church curtain with beige mystery fabric, so it isn't as elegant, and hopefully gives a bit of age look to it. (well more aged than they were, as they are sunfaded.) Since the others also have a bit of age look in their own way...rust and prints of writing on historical documents... maybe that will be the element which ties the three together. I will have to do a photo of them all together when this is done.


Anonymous said...

Love the letter! It's gorgeous. What did you use for the "L"?

Sandy said...

I had a fancy scarf from a charity shop. It is gold metallic, but printed with a pattern of old roses. it was a gamble if it would work, but I like the combination of it with the curtain fabric.