Saturday, 21 March 2009

Featured Blog

Today's featured blog is Vintage RicRac, written very wittily by Jodi in Australia. Sometimes she is known as the Selvedge Lady. You should see the awesome things she has made from selvedges. The Big Project previously was a selvedge dress! And recently Jodi has out done herself with a selvedge chair!

And then if you do selveldges, why not tape measures!

She also makes soft toys, but not your bog standard soft toys. All of these have a wonderful whimsical unique appeal. I mean, racing snails? What fun!

I don't like to pinch photos from the featured blogger, so I like to show a little something I have made in the past that links in a way to what they are doing.

So, here you have Piney The Pinosaur. I was asked to make up a mascot from a drawing by one of the children at the school where I used to work. I made up the pattern and even satin stitched over stripes to get just the right colour for Piney's shirt. It was originally the pale yellow strip that the shorts are made of.

And yes, there is a hole in the back of the shorts for the tail!

Not such a great photo taker in those days.

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