Saturday, 28 March 2009

Featured Blog

Today's Featured blog is called Taniwa, and is written by Tanya Watanabe. Tanya is an American who has been living in Japan for longer than I have been living in England.

Tanya likes traditional quilting. She is very prolific, even though a great deal of her work is done by hand! She has several other hobbies and responsibilities, including teaching English in a kindergarden, and a houseful of cats!

I really like the mixture of interests represented in Tanya's blog. If you are interested in finding out about life in another country, she often goes into detail to explain the customs which are a part of day to day life.

I find it fascinating to see how people learn to blend into an adopted country. Maybe it is because I have done the same... and yet have seen plenty of people who attempted it, but never quite managed. I suppose part of what makes it easier is if part of the family is from the adopted country to start with. Tanya's husband is Japanese and my husband is British.

I don't know if Tanya prefers Japan now that she is so much a part of it. I know I prefer living in the UK. In fact, I prefer not to go anywhere else, even to my country of birth if I can help it!

As you know, I try to show a connection between me and the Featured blogger, so...
Speaking of interesting customs. Here is one from the UK you may not have heard of:
Morris Dancing.
Colourful Morris Dancers in a town near where I live.

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Kathleen C. said...

I have heard of Morris dancing though I have never seen any. And I don't pretend to understand it (lots of technical terms specific to the dances).