Saturday, 24 January 2009

Region 6 Contemporary Quilt Meet-Up

Here we all are diving in for the "Ugly Fabric Swap" What fun!

And then we had a go at transforming the fabric with stamping, mono prints or rubbings. I got too busy for that one to take photos. I am hoping Margaret can post some of the other photos she got.

We had a great afternoon. The ladies all expressed interest in meeting together a different times throughout the year. We had ladies from other areas, too. Some who are just over the border from Berkshire and Oxfordshire and some who were in the area visiting relatives. I was surprised to learn that few CQ groups are doing this in their areas. We hope they get the bug when they hear what we've been up to!

It was great to have a closer look at some of the journal quilts and other things people have been experimenting with. And loads of ideas were put forward for suggestions of activities, outings and topics we would like to learn about. Some have already put their name forward to help with things like secretarial tasks. That will be a big help.

One thing I was pleased about was that the talent within the group was recognised and that instead of getting speakers in, the group would like to learn from one another. And another thing was that they all want to meet for a longer period of time! So, back to the booking form!

The next meeting will be the 16th May. I am looking forward to it already.

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