Monday, 9 March 2009


A bit more doodling. I think this is a great way to experiment with Free Machine Embroidery patterns! It is also great to do while you are trying to get your head round an idea or concept for other work.

Perhaps it might come under time wasting...but you've got to admit, it is better than Freecell on the computer...right?

Actually, I have doodled a plan for my next dragon piece, so all was not in vain. I won't show you that one yet, though.

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Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

the mailman today brought me a lovely squishy from you! I am curious as to what the pink "stuff" is. I had to be careful not to get drool over the piece of rusted fabric.... it is going in the special fabrics section of my stash until I think of something wonderful to use it for.

Read about it on my blog