Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

The past 2 days have been lovely and Springlike. Loads of flowers are now out. I have a family of Great Tits in my bird box. Although they say it will get a bit colder later in the week, everyone is enjoying it.

So, I took a walk around South Hill lake to my favourite tree. It is a very old chestnut with nobbles and boles all over. Some are very interesting shapes. Some look like animals. One part of the tree looks like a wise owl. I wanted to get some photos before all the leaves started coming. This photo is of a hole quite a ways up. I had to put the camera on extra zoom to get the photo. Other holes like this had bits of the old branch sticking out. I can't work out if this one has a bit of the old branch or if it is the tail of a lady blackbird. If it is, she was very still the whole time.

What do you think it is? Don't you love the rough texture of the bark and the smooth area around the hole?


Carole said...

Sandy, that is an interesting bit of tree.....
I have been taking pictures of stumps and tree roots, thinking I might do a series.
Will you do something 'quilty' with this do you think?
I am enjoying your dragon series.

Sandy said...

Hi Carole,
I probably won't do something with that particular photo, but I took several better ones that show the pattern/texture in the bark of the wood. I will probably do something with those.