Saturday, 14 March 2009

Featured Blog

Today's Featured Blog A Dress A Day is at times overwhelmingly humorous! But, it is sewing related humour. For instance, this week, Erin McKean the author, has been making up stories from the fashion illustrations on the front of vintage patterns. She also has a series of blog posts about rescued vintage dresses and the stories of what might have been their past. They are called "The Secret Lives of Dresses". (Scroll down the side of the blog to find the links.) Erin has a book coming out soon with more stories like the ones on the blog.

Erin is an lexicographer who has edited some very prestigious dictionaries. (Yes, she has her own wikipedia entry! Her dictionary blog is ) She is interested in sewing...and particularly in vintage sewing. She loves unusually patterned fabric - like a crossword puzzle print - and if done up with a big skirt 50's style, even better. However, it must have pockets!

So, in Erin's honour, here is a photo of one of my vintage patterns.

Got any ideas for stories like Erin's?

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