Tuesday, 31 August 2010

FOQ - the Quilts!

Finally on the Sunday I had a chance to look at quilts. Due to the new camera, I managed to take far more than I usually do. The rechargable battery lasts a LONG time!

Here is a selection. I think you will see I was impressed with graphics that seemed to be 3D. and for others what drew me was definitely the image, the mood of the piece, or the admiration for what the artist had done with something that might not inspire others at all.

All of these artists have done an outstanding job and I congratulate them on their successes. Even if there wasn't a prize, the arresting quality of the pieces should be rewarded, and in some small way I am doing that here.

Arnout Cosman - Stacked

Joyce Gallagher - Tumbling Blocks

Maureen Poole - Potscape

Lynne Quinn - A Future and a Hope

Mary Mayne - Pegs

Rosemary Hutton - Silverware

A true 3D piece 
Louise Mabbs - Chequerboard Armadillo
Aliza Inbar - The Band

Erni Genswaider - Ways to Yogyakarta

Deborah Earll - Time Travels

Bente Kultorp Andresen - Aweleye

Actually quite large
Janneke de Vries Bodsinga - African Adventure

And Ferret's - Phoenix Rising
which you can see is the inspiration for the coat she had in the fashion show I showed two days ago.

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