Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I really do like copper. And now that the Sky Princess has gone and the studio is back in a sensible shape...(including 2 sheets ironed that had been in here for months!)... it is time to start catching up on the dragons I meant to do for the Contemporary Quilt monthly journal project.
So, why not carry on with copper? I have collected a lot of copper bits and pieces. Many of them from the DIY shop! When I do get photos of Sky Princess, you can see the fastenings I made from copper washers!

So, tomorrow (after a blood test), this lovely copper sheet and a bit from the snow dyeing experiment ( the green one overdyed with blue) will be combined to be a copper dragon. Probably shaped like a Viking ship's prow if all goes to plan.

Should be fun! At least thinking about it will keep my mind off the blood test and whether this lady can find a vein. :{

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