Monday, 9 August 2010

Chestnut Tree

The latest challenge for the Fast Friday group was about Trees. Looking from a different perspective and trying a new technique.

I have been wanting to try to capture the look of Chestnut tree bark for sometime, so this seemed to be the chance. Here is the inspiration photo.
I love the texture of the raised welts which wander back and forth. I was sure I could do something to resemble that by using corded channels that were manipulated in some way to meander. in the end, I decided to use machine stitch patterns between the channels along with some corded twin needling. I used a rough silk thread to catch the channels together randomly with herringbone stitch.

Here is the piece so far. I think it is nearly done, but I am going to leave it overnight to decide if it wants a few leaves to create interest.

As you may recall, I have done corded twin needle and corded channels before. The new technique for me is to use special colour pencils to give the mossy effect to the raised portions of the bark. I probably should have taken a photo before, but it really has made it alot more life like. I also coloured in the stitched leaves at the side.

Here is a photo of the back, which shows the original colour of the fabric.As you can see there is no green at all. This was one of the overdyed snow dyed pieces.

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