Saturday, 28 August 2010

FOQ - Rayna's class - 2

I took a photo of my collection of fabric from Rayna's class. You can see how they start to work together when you are working with the same colours and the same sorts of screens.
I have zoomed into parts of the collection to explain them further.
The ones on the table have been left for the time being till I decide how I want to proceed. I really like the glow od the linen one, so don't want to rush in with any old thing to cover it.

I think I might like to try screening over texture with large areas. Rayna and some of the ladies had interesting mats with twirls and whirls that are meant to go in the bottom of your sink to protect glass. I think I will visit Dunelm Mills to see what is there, as that is where some got theirs.

You can see on the right the pieces I showed yesterday which had stamping. They also got a layer of screen printing through a thermofax screen "cracks". To me it gives a bit of an abstract thorns in front of the forest look. I especially like the one with the yellow circles as it gives a sort of moon through the forest look.

I mentioned the idea of writing on the screen with glue, letting it dry and then screening through it. I tried white on this piece and found it to be far too vivid because the paint was a bit thicker. However, after I blotted it, it looks a bit better. The backwards blotted bit also look interesting on the other piece. At least it redeemed my first attempt at layers which resulted on the overwhelming blue print in the centre of the piece. I added some "chicken wire" in black.

I decided to take this further by using it on the linen piece with the stripes.
I think I like this piece the best. It has the words and the thermofax cracks.

And these are the pieces that were really mopping up cloths or blotting cloths to start with, but I did some bits and pieces to them. One thing was to use a pet syringe that Rayna had given us to try making thin lines with the paint. After a bit I kind of worked out how to do it.
I am surprised at the triangular pink piece, because it isn't too bad. The piece to the left of it though, I decided was my one I liked the least. Not that I couldn't do something with it, but compared to the rest it is a bit too "grunge".

All these painted fabrics are so unlike anything I have in my stash. but I have been admiring this sort of look for sometime. These, of course, are all beginner pieces and I think I will work a bit more on the development til I get more of a feel for designs I can make that will combine with the ways I work now.

It might make a real difference to work on fabric I like to start with!

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