Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I am very exhausted from the Festival of Quilts. But very full of wonderful ideas. the masterclass was great and I feel I can actually get on with doing something with the techniques learned. The garments in the international fashion show were amazing! The Coffee Morning was a great success in very many ways. and the quilts were very inspiring. I will show photos in the days to come.

Today is planning for the fashion department at college, so I haven't yet sorted all my photos. However, here is a photo of some of my purchases from the show. Not as much as past years, but quite expensive due to the thermofax screens. However, what is birthday money for anyway?

Another purchase will replace my contraption for using the top thread here.
old thread stand - I had to stack things to get the thread to run off properly
new thread stand
As you can see, I can use threads that don't normally fit on the machine as well as threads that usually fall under the reel and get caught. It means I can run 4 threads through at once if I want! I used to have 3 thread holders on my old machine, but there are only 2 on this one. Sometimes I like to blend threads to get a certain look.

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