Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Forest Finder

He was about to give up hope, struggling through the darkness of the forest. He closed his eyes in fatigue.

"I must go on," he thought. " If only I knew which way!"

He heard a movement and his eyes flew open again. Snakes?

But was lighter now, and growing even lighter as he opened his eyes widely.

Within minutes there was a luminous glow that seemed to permeate the forest. He crept forward and drew in his breath in surprise!

There perched on a stump in the clearing was a magical glowing dragon!

Forest Finders are Special Forest Dragons who are sent to help lost and weary travellers. Their glowing light is just enough to show the way through the tangled branches and undergrowth.

This quilt just sort of grew itself while I was waiting for the paint on the stencilled dragon to cure. A few weeks ago, my friend Hannalore (Lorchen) Nunn sent me a cross stitch dragon she had made some time ago. I also had my favourite snowdyed fabric out on the table as I had considered it for the Chestnut tree. (which is still waiting for leaves!)

So, when I started to think what fabric the dragon wanted to live on, there it was, and there in one corner was a shape like a tree stump in a forest. I tried stitching fusible thread round the edge of the dragon in order to do a foiling technique. However, I didn't have the turquoise colour of foil, so I used a holographic silver one. It was just not right, so I coloured the silvery bits over with a metallic turquoise gel pen! Then I used the turquoise gel pen and a metallic purple one to make the glow extend further into the forest!

I knew it was a forest dragon, but I didn't know the story till I started writing about the boy seeing him in the forest. and so then you start thinking why was he in the forest? Why is the dragon glowing, and so on.

What stories could you make in your head if you started to ask questions?

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