Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Here is a lesson on making use of scraps and experimental bits and pieces. Another way of recycling.

On Friday lunchtime at the Festival of Quilts, SAQA members are going to meet up. We were asked to bring a postcard to swap. So, Saturday I had a few minutes to see what I could come up with.

I opened my cupboard of bits and this piece experimental scrap said "Use Me!". It is rust dyed calico with 3D medium added and then over sprayed with terracotta Tsukineko walnut ink. It took forever to dry, which is why I never did it again, but was interesting enough not to throw away!

So, here is a photo of the start. The scraps from Chestnut Tree hadn't been tossed yet, and they decided to go on there, too.

NOTE:The posts for the next few days have been scheduled to come on the blog while I am away.

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