Saturday, 21 August 2010

Contemporary Coffee Morning

One of the other things I am doing at the Festival of Quilts this week is Co-ordinating the Saturday morning social event - Contemporary Coffee Morning. 8:30 - 11:00 am.
The organisers, Twisted Threads, are doing the continental breakfast, but Contemporary Quilt was asked to host the event. It means demonstrations of techniques used in Contemporary Quilting, etc.

Because the Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt Group that I run here in Bracknell has received good comments, I was asked if I would take it on. An interesting proposition, seeing that I had never been to the event previously when it was run by various Quilter's Guild Region groups! This is the first time it is being hosted by one of the Specialist groups.

One of the workshops/demos I have organised for TVCQ.

So, the last 6 months I have been doing a lot of discussions, emails and so on to bring this all together. I decided to base it on some sampler/taster sessions I went to when I went to Houston to the International Quilt Festival.

In case you wonder what is involved... I have been:
-polling CQ members to see what they thought might typify techniques used in contemporary quilting and pinning those down to 6.
-finding 6 demonstrator who could do approx. 6 demonstrations of about 15min length.
-consolidating ideas about a hands-on activity and finding someone to organise that.
-finding helpers - and discovering what we need them to do,
-overseeing aspects such as handouts and what will go in goody bags - being grateful that Hilary Gooding, who has more experience at this than I do, has done the leg work about contacting artists and vendors about items to be offered as door prizes.
-communicating with Anna at Twisted Threads about things like tables and when we can set up and if demonstrators can be given a free entry to the show for that day, etc.

Okay I wouldn't say I wouldn't do it again, because now I know what I need to do, but not for a while please! One thing that has made it somewhat odd is that almost all of the organising has been done long distance. I don't even know many of the ladies! and those I do, I generally know through the computer. Most of those involved are on email, but one is not. So, it has been interesting!

I will try to take photos so I can let you know how it all goes.

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