Sunday, 29 August 2010

FOQ - international fashion show

On the Friday at the Festival of Quilts, I attended a SAQA event in the morning where we got to meet one another. There were more European members than I had realised. It was difficult though to catch names. Maybe as more of these events happen, we will begin to get to know one another.

In the afternoon, we started to set up for Saturday morning. As I mentioned, I was the co-ordinator for the Contemporary Coffee Morning. I will show photos of that tomorrow, but most of the setting up of tables and chairs were done by this gentleman, a friend of one of the demonstrators, and me.

This was Saturday morning. He didn't want his photo taken!

In the evening I went to the International Fashion show. Fashion San Frontiers  This was the first occasion and was a sort of challenge between Russian designers and British Quilters. On the whole, I think the Russian designers tried to incorporate quilting into their fashion and the quilters tried to incorporate fashion into their quilting. all of them did a VERY good job. I am SO proud of the Brits who manage to avoid the tragedy of garments that looked like one was wearing a quilt! Unfortunately, that is what too often happens when quilters try to make wearable art.

Apart from the appalling MC who really was an insult to the designers! The evening was great fun. I didn't get any good shots of the garments on stage, but they had them on display at the show later.
from some of the Russians. One who did everything in the colours of the Russian and British flag!
Two girls who are designers from the Inkberrow school of design were billed as one. Here is a dress from one of the girls. Some of the other work was made from sleeping bags! However, you would have never known straight away if you saw it on the street. Quite high fashion really!
This lady is known for her coiled fabric pots. How brave to go for it to do a garment!

This one is made from soil separator fabric left by builders!
My friend Ferret came through with a phoenix on leather, similar to a quilt she has done. She also made the victorian costume below, and a "suit of armour"in fabric, which her partner modelled.

PS I might put my hand up for next year!
Okay, Ferret is trying to convince me not to, and I know I probably need the pressure like a hole in the head. But well, what a chance to do some of the weird and wonderfuls in my head?

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