Sunday, 22 August 2010

new camera

The camera I have been using was inherited from my son who got himself a better one. It has been good...larger view at the back and so on. But, I have learned from experience the reason he got a new one. The contacts for the batteries are very unreliable! you have new or newly recharged batteries in and it will tell you that you need to change them! So, I have eeked it out a bit longer by fiddling with the contacts, but because I use it everyday for the blog and also in class for recording student work it becomes rather frustrating.

So, having been given a nice chunk of money by a very generous family member for my birthday, my son and husband said, "Why don't you get a new camera?" My husband is a gadget man, so I got him to work out what he thought would be best.

And here is the new camera!

I am taking it with me to the Quilt show, so we shall see how I get on! For a start it is alot thinner and also, it has it's own battery and a phone.

Today I will be returning from the show. If I can work out how to get photos off the new camera, I will tell you about the week!

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