Friday, 27 August 2010

FOQ - Rayna's class

So, I better get on with showing a bit of what I got up to last week before it is next month!

I do understand now why people do masterclasses. if you are able to concentrate on something for 3 days in a row, you can start where you left off, rather than trying to get back in the groove a week or month later. I also know why people take a certain persons class a second time. Rayna does a class about what to do with the fabric now that you have made it. It would be fun to do that. But I can probably do something if I put my mind to it.

Here are a few photos of some of the printing I did. I was one of two students who hadn't really done this kind of printing before. On the first day, we learned the technique, and some moved onto brayering paint over textured surfaces. I tried a bit of that, but as it is something I have done with paint before I went back to the screen printing so I could get more confident about it.

Day one
Torn newspaper resist and "ghost prints"
I also featured on Rayna's blog Wednesday morning getting the technique on the previous day.

Second Day - getting the layers idea
masking tape resist and a bit of stamping

Day three - I was fighting off a migraine, so didn't take many photos. The room was very small and we had to wash screens off in the cleaners cupboard! We resorted to taping work up every where to dry. So, this photo is not too great because the light shines through the window.
Here is a clearer view of the one on the left. The one on the right only had the stripes at that point.
However, we had drawn with washable glue on the screen and let it dry over night. This acted as a resist so we had the design when we printed. I was going to add more photos to this post, but have decided to put them on Saturday's post.

We had been told to bring fabric we weren't happy with. for me that meant some of the failed snow dye stuff. However, it wasn't till the end that I started being happy with it. Moral? if you REALLY don't like it, you might find it difficult to get it to the point where you actually do!
So, anyway, with scarlet pinkish stuff and some purplish stuff, I tried to make the pieces work together somewhat so I can use them someway. I began to be a bit happier when I started working with a piece of rust dyed linen. The rust wasn't all over, so it works as a first layer. I should have realised I am partial to natural coloured fabrics.

A special thanks to Dorothy who loaned me a screen. I had tried to make one, but not really knowing what I was aiming for, ended up with one which only worked till the first washing out.

I got photos of some of the others work early on. I will post a few tomorrow. Most of it got more work done to it through the days.

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