Friday, 20 August 2010

Reading Museum

After the Reading Arts Week, some of the artists were invited to be a further part of Art in Reading. Reading Museum offered New Directions a chance for some of the artist's work to be displayed in the Reading Museum Community Art cases.

I was excited that all the dragon pieces I had entered were chosen! And then they asked for a larger piece, too. So, they chose Communication: Letter.

I finally was able to get to the Museum to get some photos the other day.
You can just see Rainforest Dragon up in the corner. The corset was made by my collegue, Gill. (Funny story...she went in to the museum to see it, only to find they had put it on upside down! LOL Okay, if it weren't on a dummy, maybe, but really! certain bits are in certain places, okay?)
You can just about see the Letter piece and the dragons on the side wall.

Here is a closer view of Letter. It really works well in the Museum setting. Although it wasn't hung, it actually feels right to be displayed in this way, too. After all, there is only so much space in these cases. It is more like a "historical artefact"!
This is a good year for Communication: Letter! Slough Museum in February, Newspaper photos and part of the publicity for Reading Arts Week, 3rd place at the National Quilt Championships at Sandown, and now Reading Museum!

Here is Dragon Claw and Ancient and Wise Dragon.
And a dark photo of Rainforest Dragon. Hard to get as the flash was bouncing off the glass and without flash was rather dark.


California Fiber artist and composer said...

Sandy---Can you tell us more about Letter and how you made it?

Sandy said...

The easiest thing is to give you a few links to the posts where I made the work.
- the bishop and king figure
- the background the fancy letter was a gaudy scarf from a charity shop that I fused to the silk.
- stitching the alphabet
- more of the quilting
- highlighting the alphabet with gel pen
- a few adjustments and binding
- complete
Does that help?

Sandy said...

okay a bit confusing! If you go in the archives to July 2009 and come forward through September, you will see the progress.
Take care,