Tuesday, 15 June 2010


busy day yesterday getting items together to deliver for the Reading Arts Week:
-hanging apparatus for Dragon Claw, Rainforest Dragon and for Ancient and Wise Dragon
-Cord and labels for EquiARTeral's 3 Staffordshire Hoard Pieces. All will be at the New Direction Caversham centre exhibit on the 25th and 26th. Merete's piece, The Hoard, has also been chosen to be at Battle Library on Tuesday and Caversham Court on Wednesday!
-deliver all of these to Caversham on a circuitous route to West Reading to teach last night.
Merete Hawkins - The Hoard ('They gave to the earth')

Jane Glennie - Unearth

Me - Lay Not Up Treasure

- labels for Communication: Letter and Endless Possibilities...also make sure Endless Possiblities can be easily hung in a quilt show...added a small piece of organza between the panels of the triptych.
- delivered to Sandown for the National Patchwork Show this coming weekend.

and also delivered a bag of fabric trimmings, empty spools, etc to the Rainbow Guides for collage!

off to a meeting tonight...

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lyric said...

this work is gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing it! I sooooo wish I could see it in person.