Thursday, 24 June 2010

mending and altering

After such a long day yesterday, today was a bit of conserving strength sort of day, since I have quite a few other things going on in the next week.

So, I mended a hat for a Certain Lad going off on adventures for a couple weeks.

I also shortened some crop trousers to a length more suitable to me. I did this a few weeks ago to a white pair I bought. The resulting length still left it with a rather wide finish, which I wasn't happy with. So, on the white pair, I just tucked out the fullness at the side seam. There was 2 extra buttons which were meant to replace the one at the waist and one of the buttoned pockets (slightly smaller), should they go missing. So, I shortened the buttonhole length, put the small button at the waist, and stitched the 2 larger ones on the tuck at the hem for a feature! They are very comfortable. I have been wearing them alot and have them on now!
So...a photo in a very unclean mirror.
I hadn't got around to shortening two linen pairs, so started that today. This turquoise pair has been taken in slightly at the inner seam near the hem, but it wasn't quite enough. Or at least it looked rather plain. So, I tried a few horizontal tucks. I think they really help make them look alot better. I plan to wear them to the exhibition at College on Saturday (Caversham) when I will be demonstrating Machine Embroidery again.
I still have a natural linen pair which has been chopped now, but needs to be hemmed. I shall have to think what I might do to the hem of those!

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