Friday, 18 June 2010


So, I didn't get much done on the Sky Princess yesterday because I am not feeling 100%.
Today I did want to get to Sandown. (National Quilt Championships)Not just to see my quilts in situ, but to pick up one or two things I needed, including a bulb for my overlocker.

So, I finally managed to get out of the house, after getting my head in enough shape to drive. Posted my SAQA auction piece at the PO, and then realised I left my free ticket to Sandown at home. SO, went home and got it. Then went to get petrol and almost got out of the garage shop w/out my credit card! :-{ At this point I thought maybe I should just go home to bed.

However, I managed to get to Sandown, wandered around the sellers and bought this and that. Finally got to wandering round the quilts. and Lo and Behold I got round one corner to see my "Communication: Letter" piece looking like THIS!

So, I was in shock! 3rd place small wallhanging!

and then I had to try to find someone I knew to tell about it! First I told some unknown-to-me ladies who were brave enough to say something to me about someone else's quilt... :D Then I went and told Judy from Lady Sew and Sew, because she sells fabric in Bracknell Market and I sometimes buy stuff there.

And finally I found a lady who has been to the Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt group! So, she came and looked and was suitable congratulatory! LOL

and not long after that I found a collegue from College (the one who is passing on the Machine Embroidery course to me.) I grabbed her hand and dragged her all the way through the crowds to see it! And so managed to get a lovely hug for my efforts! Sigh.

That is the first time I have won anything for a textile art piece!
So, I think I feel a "bit" better! and perhaps tomorrow I WILL have the motivation to work on Sky Princess after all!


Celia said...

Well done - and well deserved - a lovely piece

Pat said...

Congratulations, what a lovely suprise.

pascale said...

Congratulations Sandy, this is a well deserved price. If I had been there I would have given you a big hug. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sandy that's fantastic, and to think I knew you when you were worrying whether you were going to be ok with your City and Guilds. --- what long way you have come since then. Congratulations, Heather.

Carole said...

Congratulations Sandy!! It is well deserved by what I can see...