Friday, 4 June 2010

A bit of Fame

A few weeks ago, The Reading Chronicle took photos and did interviews for some of the tutors from college. We are going to be taking part in Reading Arts Week. I will be demonstrating at the Big Art Picnic on the 16th June and exhibiting work at the college Caversham centre on the following weekend, 19th and 20th June. I have also had several of my pieces of art accepted. But I don't know where they will be displayed during the week.

So, anyway, I got an email from a friend who lives in Reading to say there was a good article about me this week.

And then another friend here in Bracknell said she read about me in the Bracknell News - a sister paper to the Reading Chronicle!

We looked in the local newsagents but couldn't find the Reading Chronicle around here, but tonight my husband found it at Sainsbury. So, he got 3! I will send one to my mother and one to my MIL.

I was quite pleased at how well they quoted me, considering the reporter first referred to the pieces as "rugs" and then when he phoned this week to ask a few more questions called them "weavings"! So he basically got it right in the article. However, I haven't got a piece in the Quilter's Hall of Fame in America...I had a piece in an exhibition there, but I guess it is a small difference from this side of the pond.

What they say I will demonstrate actually comes from the description of the pieces which are in the photo, but I guess I can take some of those things along to demo too, as people may expect to see them.

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margaret said...

Excellent! And hopefully the reporter will remember the lesson on what to call different types of textile - they do need educating....