Saturday, 12 June 2010

Solar Optics

Quite some time back I made a series of pieces called Solar Optics. At one point, they were on display at the library.
I have given them as gifts to various people and have 2 left.

A few weeks ago, the college made available some small art canvases which they are going to sell during Reading Arts Week. The money raised will go to supported learning at New Directions.

I decided to participate, but with so many other deadlines, I was feeling very pressured about the idea of creating new work. I thought of the Solar Optics pieces and realised they would work just right mounted on the canvas. I realised it would look better to spray paint the canvas gold. It sets off the work nicely.

And, here they are!
Solar Optics: Radiance            Solar Optics: Blaze

I am not sure how much they will be selling them for, but they will be on display at the various events all week.

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