Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Letter - finally at last fini!

Well, that is, I am still stitching the binding at the back, but here you see the full piece.

You may recall that this is the large size piece from the Zoom challenge from the EquilARTeral group.

The sentance at the bottom says "A letter is an element in an alphabetic system." a quote from Wikipedia.
I am VERY pleased with this. It has taken a lot of time, a lot of deliberation and even learning how to do what I needed to do next, but I think the final result works very well. Woo hoo!

Now a question for you. I really wanted the medallion pieces to stand as medallions. But because there is no quilting there, they kind of pop out. I think I have to put a bit of quilting in there somehow. Any ideas?

So, now to work on the final piece for the Connect-Disconnect piece! and a thousand other things I would like to do as well as prepare for teaching!


Summerset said...

It's great - I've been following the series and curious as to how the piece looked as a whole!

Sandy said...

Thanks Summerset!
I am never sure if people are interested in the drawn out thinking process. and this one took a bit longer to get to the place where it worked.
I do love following your processes though! Makes me itch to do another garment ensemble!
Take care,