Wednesday, 16 June 2010


The latest challenge with the Fast Friday group was about fungi. The constraints this time are:
Theme: Glorious Fungus
Concept: Abstract/Stylized
Color: Complementary or Split Complementary
Techniques:embellish or manipulate fabric to show dimension.

I have been so busy, I didn't get to do more than just pull out some bits and pieces that I hoped to use for it. I came across trimmings from one of the sleeves of coat from the first Bernina Fashion emsemble I did. So that helped me to get started.

Today, after the ladies came for the machine embroidery class, I started putting those bits together. Most of it needed hand stitching, so I did that while watching Alice in Wonderland with my husband. It was a quick break of sorts before I get back to working on my Festival of Quilts entries.

So, this is my abstracted, complementary colours take on a Jack-O-Lantern tree fungus. (Omphalotus olivascens)

I just need to go round and give it a satin stitch edge. It works for the purpose of the challenge, but I have ideas to turn it into something that I actually suits my purpose.

and of course, I am thinking dragons here! I have cut it to the size of this year's journal quilts. I am behind one month on that, so if I can turn this into a story about dragons, it would not end up stuck in the back of the cupboard!!

So, I didn't need a quilt about fungus
so here is what happened after the satin stitching....

2 little dragons came along and found it was a wonderful place for playing hide and seek from their friends in the forest. As soon as the counting to 100 finishes, you won't even be able to tell they are there, as they will pull their heads right down into the pocket of the fungi.

Sometimes the little dragons hollow out tree fungi to use as a sort of hanging sleeping bag when they go camping out with their friends. I am sure you can imagine what fun they get up to while they are out there! Of course, they are completely safe, because one of the parents is usually curled up behind bushes not too far away.

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