Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Big Art Picnic

Some photos of my stand at the Big Art Picnic at Caversham Court today.

I had a lot of interest from all ages. Little boys who liked the dragon stories, young ladies who loved the Bernina Garments, and men and ladies who were fascinated by the idea of doing work like that!

Some seemed to be very interested in doing the course. I also met a gentleman who came to Reading today from Oxford by boat on the Thames. He saw the event on the banks of the river and found his way over to see what was going on. He repairs sewing machines, does a bit of sewing and was very keen to see how he could set up his machine to do a bit of free work!

Some of the students from various fashion courses also did an informal fashion show. I managed to snap a couple photos.

It was a great day. There were loads of other events, like singing groups, dance groups and so on. A real nice atmosphere as people really did bring their picnic and sit around on the grass listening to what was going on.

Oh,I was visited by the Mayor of Reading and his family as well as having even more photos from the newspaper photographer! It may get into the Bracknell News this time.

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