Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Machine Embroidery

For the past few weeks 2 ladies have been coming to my house because they wanted to learn machine embroidery. Today was the last session. It has been very good to have students that are keen and who go away and practice/do homework through the week.
Here are some examples of some of the things they have made. It is interesting to see the progress.

cords and edges
water soluble
fabric manipulation


Rhonda said...

Love your work....I wish I lived closer or that you taught machine embroidery classes via the Internet.
Take care.

Sandy said...

Thanks Rhonda,
Basically it is a matter of having a go! Give yourself the permission that it doesn't have to look wonderful while you are getting used to how fast/slow to move your hands in relation to the pressure of your foot on the pedal.
If you start with your name and doodles that don't matter, you don't have to fret about the direction.
once you have a good feel for speed and movement, get a piece of fabric with large geometric or large flowers and start doodling in the areas. circles, squares, loops, squiggles, etc. It is less intimidating than trying to work on a blank canvas.
Let me know if you manage to try a few things out. I am sure you can do it.