Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bits and Pieces - finished!

At last! And I am quite pleased with it!

Today I manhandled the quilt in sections under the machine and got everything attached to everything else. Much measuring and lining up in between manipulating it under the machine. Because the technique I used makes it very stiff, it was much easier to do it this way than the way you would do a normal 3 layer quilt.

I need to make a sleeve for it now. Please note that this is hanging over slightly opened cupboard doors (from the skirt hangers over them), so it isn't hanging flat against the wall.

If you want to see this in person, you will have to look out for it in the contemporary section at the Festival of Quilts.

1 comment:

sandra wyman said...

Wow - have been watching its progress, absolutely fascinated, but the inished article is absolutely amazing! Stunning even. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh.