Tuesday, 22 June 2010

chopping and changing

Tomorrow is the big day ...the Big Art Picnic at Caversham Gardens. I am demonstrating all day, so I have been getting ready for it. As I am taking the Bernina Garments to display as well, I had to dig out M'Lady and Mademoiselle.

And since I have been meaning to shuffle all the cupboards on that side of the studio along about 15 inches so I can get to the book case, I decided to make a start. So, the whole desk set got emptied and moved. Things are being sorted and put back. Then next cupboard will be another day, but here is a before photo to tide you over till I get one of the changes.
Well, this is a rather false before, because it is seldom, if ever that tidy! Anyway, imagine a 15 in gap between the desk portion and the cupboard. and a table full of bits and pieces that need sorting.

Yes, I do know I am meant to be working on FOQ entries. =-{

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