Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sandown again

Today I went to collect my quilts.
I did actually get a bit of work done on Sky Princess on Saturday. I am not sure if I said, but she wants some copperish highlights. So, I kept thinking it really has to be the silk metallic tissue like I am using for the body of the coat.

So, I got to the show about 45 min before closing and went over to Silk Route's stand and found these pieces in the top of the photo. I think there is enough to do what I want.

I also stopped at Simply Sequins and picked up a large reel of copper thread and some interesting copper sequins (and some gold in a colour I am running out of). These varigated pearle cottons caught my eye as well, since I have just been showing my machine embroidery students how to stitch several strands together to make a cord which brings out the colours of your work. So these will be good to add variety in the choice for making cords.

Because there aren't a lot of shops around where I live that have these sorts of things, I have learned to buy up what I will use at shows and create a mini shop of my own at home. Mini Shop, in that I can just go look in the cupboard and select what I need for a project and get on with it rather than driving up and down the country or waiting for it to come in the post. I find it works for me!

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