Thursday, 23 October 2008

Rainforest Dragon

"The leaves moved slightly to reveal a splash of red. At first, she thought it was a red poison dart frog...but suddenly she knew she was looking into the eyes of the rarest dragon of all...the Rainforest Dragon."

You have to be careful with rainforest dragons. Instead of breathing fire, they have some sort of poison because they eat the little poison dart frogs. Awww. Well they have to eat something! If you look at the colour of his tongue, you can tell what kind he ate last. If he has too many, he has indigestion and has to eat quite a few bananas to feel better again. I think they must eat malaria mosquitos, too. He doesn't like piranha very much. They are a bit sharp going down. All of that kind of food makes them a bit dangerous if they are caught off guard.

However, this dragon is friendly. The girl who discovers him goes on to become good friends and he helps her to get rid of the bad men who are chopping the forest to make a plantation. He is actually very friendly to the Indians who live in that area of the Amazon.
With people he doesn't like...chopping down swathes of the forest types...he can get very steamy, and that is where the poison thing comes in. Can you imagine being in a sort of steam bath with poison in it? Talk about Asthma or whatever!
Here is a detail of the eye.
If you can't tell where the dragon is...well, he is camoflauged! However, he is laying down with his chin flat on the floor like my dog does sometimes. You can only see the front part of his head. Are the leaves sticking up ears? I don't know, what do you think?

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