Saturday, 30 January 2010

Dragon claw revisited

Sometime back I did a study of a dragon claw for the Fast Friday challenge. I never finished off the edges. All last year, I kept it in reserve if there was a month that I couldn't get a journal quilt done for the Contemporary Quilt group. However, it would have been a stretch, since the size for 2009 was 6x12.
This year, though, the size is 7x10. And that is nearly what the size of the dragon claw piece is. I decided to use it this month. I am not sure if I will do dragons all year, but I couldn't make up my mind for a different series between the time we learned the size and the end of the month.

I think I have enough dragon or fantasy creature ideas to keep going with that plan. It is a good size for coming up with something quickly.

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Jasmine said...

This is fun. I will have to look into fast Friday.