Monday, 9 February 2009

Thinking of You Workshop

Puttered around getting all my bits together for the Thinking of You Workshop at the Library. I am not sure how many will come. It sort of depended on last week marketing to people stopping in at the library. However, because of the snow, and days off school and the like not many people got out last week (including me). So older folks stayed in so they didn't slip over and mum weren't taking kiddos back and forth to school.

However, when I stopped in today to see what the response was, Pat had just told one lady about it. She seemed interested, just worried that she would have a little one with her. I am sure we can cope.

Tuesday, 10 Feb - 2-4pm Birch Hill Library
Wednesday, 11 Feb - 2-4pm Great Hollands Library

and now to stick the camera in the hopes I will remember to take photos.

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