Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Endless Possibilities

And here is the middle panel of the triptych. I will tell you about one of the reasons I went with the transparent/translucent idea. The theme for the Stretching Art challenge (SA11) is Never Ending. So, I decided to do a triptych in such a way that you can choose a variety of positions to hang the panels. That suggested "Endless Possibilities" And then I thought, if it is transparent/translucent, it could be double-sided, creating even more hanging possibilities. So, I call this the middle panel, but it can be changed around if need be.

I also thought it might be interesting to be able to switch the pieces of this section. I was going to put buttonholes or something on the silk strips inbetween so that could be done. But in the end, it made it too difficult to determine that the composition would still be good when swapped around.

I am really enjoying this. I love it when things turn out like the design you create in your head as you contemplate the look. The pieces will be shown at Quilters Heritage Celebration Show in Lancaster, PA, USA from 2-5 April, 2009.

I may very well make another piece to go with them (as I have another idea). Then I can use them for my Festival of Quilts entry this summer. Would that be a quadtych? or as someone suggested somewhere on the net - tetratych?

Contemplate this while I work on another panel.

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Amy in Austin said...

Wow Sandy! I can't wait to see it in person.. oh, but that means I need to get moving on my pieces! Off to work on dragon claws...