Thursday, 19 February 2009


Every now and again I do an alteration for this person or that. Mostly people who know me or who know someone who knows me. I don't mind a bit of one off, but I think I would go mad to do it all the time. My friend Gabrielle thrives on it!
Anyway, today I took in this dress around the high waist area to give a bit better definition. It looked a bit matronly hanging straight. The hanger does nothing for it, but when we were fitting it, we decided it looked better that way. I could have reconfigured the whole top to suit her better, but my time and her budget didn't go for that.

The lady is the mother-in-law of a young lady whose wedding dress I altered last summer ...I used to work with her mother at a Junior School. The young lady married in Greece...without family. This son is being married in Antigua in March...with family...thus the dress for the mum. She rang me last week...not too easy to find dresses for Antigua weather at this time of year, and especially trying to get something that fits well enough for a wedding. She says she has a few others for some of the other events, but they have little light jackets that cover up the bits she isn't happy with, so they will do.

I was a bit concerned about the part where I had to unpick part of the side invisible zip to take it in. But, as I was only taking in part of the area and tapering to the original seamline above and below, it wasn't too bad.

We have an extension on the Stretching Art deadline, so that means tomorrow I can concentrate on my studies for the session I have to present about "Schemes of Work" in my teaching adult course. Unfortunately, the two courses that I was supposed to start teaching next week are not running...not enough interest. I guess leisure courses are not such a priority when people are losing their jobs. Fingers crossed for the courses I am to do towards the end of March.

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