Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

Our family likes to go to ruined castles and abbeys and the like on our holidays. I take a lot of photos of the stone work.I was looking for an image of some anomaly in stone to show you, and came across this photo from a castle in Wales. Of course, it is sideways, but the lines and shadows really struck me. It seems one of those images you should "do things to" in order to make it into a screen for screen printing.

Then I decided to see what it looked like upside down.
I really like it. I like the randomness of it. The "almost stairs, but not quite". It actually makes you focus on things like the levels in the slate. The dry stone wall next to the stairs looks completely different when the shadows are "in the wrong place".

Cool! What do you think?

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mary said...

This is a great picture to use for this design exercise. This process- finding a picture with elements you like, color, texture, line, etc., and turning it upside down so that what it is (couch, building) is removed from your consciousness- was recommended as a design exercise in an article I read quite a few years ago on creating a design file. It's such a great idea and this picture really shows why! Slate has such great color and shadow. Thanks for the shot!