Monday, 23 February 2009

State of Mind

I'm sure you don't really want to know, but I am making a PowerPoint presentation on Schemes of Work. I have to present a seminar for the teaching adults class tomorrow.

So, you get a glimpse of my state of mind. (how do you do strike through? anyone know?)

No, I mean a glimpse of my work table. Besides the Endless Possibilities which is at hand stitch stage, I am starting the third piece for the EquilARTeral Zoom piece. And then there are all the books I am trying to make some sense of. The bag on the cupboard handle is the finished altered dress. And just off to the top right of the photo, you get a glimpse of the overflowing ironing basket. and then you don't get to see the side of the studio with the sewing machine. I will leave it to your imagination.

My classes didn't have enough interest to run, or I would be teaching (and probably have even more of an archeological dig on my table.) But the samples for teaching are under the other part of the table. I was rather gutted that they didn't run. I know I will find the prep wasn't wasted, but I could have been doing other things.

So, as it is, I also have a meeting about the regional Contemporary Quilt Group on Thurs and a meeting with EquilARTeral on Fri. and have to finish prep for the course at Pangbourne next Wed. Oh, yeah, I need to get some photo or something to Simon to market the next Crafts@the Library. and I am meant to be writing an article, for which they have moved the deadline up.

I think I need to learn how to say No again.

The thing I am finding is that the past 6 years, the Spring was taken up with big projects...either City and Guilds: Fashion projects or Bernina garments. For relief, I did bits and pieces, like textile art pieces. So, now, it seems life is full of bits and pieces, and I am really on a learning curve about how to keep everything in order. Maybe I need to do a Big project so I can focus on the bits...HA. NOT.

However, I AM slowly ticking bits off the list and trying not to put more bits on. I think after next week I should have got back to a better state of mind. Cross fingers.

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