Sunday, 15 February 2009

UKSewing - Thames Valley group

Yesterday I went along to a get together at my friend Gabrielle's house. We are part of an online sewing group on Yahoo called UKSewing. Every so often those of us in the Thames Valley area get together. We just have a natter about sewing and show off some of the things we have made recently and so on.

Often, you can come away with a bit of fabric someone else has decided they don't have a use for. This is the fabric I came back with, courtesy of Helen. I am thinking of using the paisley in someway with denim. The photo picks up the red more than it actually is in real life. Perhaps I will add it to a jeans skirt I was given that I can chop and change. Then I can use it for examples of what you can do for some of my courses. There is a bit more of the greyish blue (which is actually a bit more blue than grey shown in the photo). I am thinking of doing something with a bit of a retro feel to it.

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