Saturday, 14 February 2009

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Here is a piece I did using junk mail some months ago. I was inspired by an artist who decided to recycle junk mail into art. The theme of this piece is also Spam of the challenges from the Fast Friday Group.

Most Saturdays I am very busy, and haven't been able to post. So, I thought I might introduce you to other bloggers. Most of these will be artists of one sort or the other. For some, I love the work, for some I am intrigued by the technique, for some I admire the commitment, and for others, I respect the artist.

These will not be in order of preference, but as I think of them or am reminded of what they are doing if I have seen something they have done in the week. And of necessity, there will be plenty who are blogging that I haven't discovered or haven't remembered to mention yet. If you know of someone whose work is similar, or who you think I would enjoy discovering, just leave a comment.

And so, today, I invite you to look at the work of:


Karen is a mixed media/textile artist. She regularly makes collage pieces with many layers, many of them using up bits of junk mail that land through her letterbox. I find her work very inspiring, and intend to try more with junk mail or similar things. You can find Karen at . She has a website as well.

Let me know what you think of her work...actually let her know, too!

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