Wednesday, 25 February 2009

And the winners are...

Saturday was my 100th post, and suggested a give away for those who would comment. Today was the draw. So...
Fancy Box with 21 names on slips. (not counting my post and Ferret's extra one) Climb upstairs and ....drumroll...."bother" DH who doesn't really mind and picks 3 (divides into 21).

1. Louise, who says she is in SW Saskatchewan.
2. Sue B
3. Quiltlady, who says she is in San Diego.

Then feel bad because it would have been nice to give something to everyone. But I can do this again sometime.

Climb downstairs and take photos. Get bits of rust fabrics and fold them to show some of the patterning. Cut some of the "mystery fabric" I have mentioned lately. It is actually very thin and see through, but I have folded it up on the piles. (Sorry it is pink. I don't do pink, but I saved a bit for me just in case I desperately need it next week!) Rummage through the strange threads pile...
And voila!

So, if the winners would send me their snail mail addys, I will get these bits and pieces in the post for you! If you click the link about my profile under the bit where it says About Me, you can find my email to give me the snail mail.

and by the way,
Susan Purney Mark has been doing a Stamping Monday on her blog, showing ways to make and use stamps. For this week, she asked if anyone had stamps they made like the ones she was showing. If you sent a photo, she would put it up on the blog. SO, I am featured on her blog today...well, my stamps and how to make them are! Go have a look.

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Sue B said...

oh my gosh, how exciting I never win!