Sunday, 1 February 2009


I didn't get the Fast Friday challenge 28 - posted at the end of last year - done due to the life upheaval over Christmas. However I have had the image in my head since I heard what it was.
The art principles were: Colour - Zingers:"Zinger colors add accents, and capture the eye. Zingers add interest and can be used to enhance the focal point or move the eye around the quilt." Composition concept: Create or illustrate a mood or emotion with your piece.

I decided to work on it inbetween other bits this weekend, after finishing the other piece. Since I finished it today, it means the February journal quilt is finished, too!
This is a dragon egg about to hatch open. Bits of the shell have fallen to the sand. Drawn to the spot by the magic swirling through the air, "The Finder" waits in awe and wonder to see the newest dragon emerge from the shell.

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