Friday, 20 February 2009

Believe it or Not

At my age (which I won't reveal) you don't normally expect to have people consider you a style icon....and Be Not Afraid...

They Don't.

However, what is rather worrying is if they think your mother is. Check out the story at

Actually, I think it is due to my sister. In late 2007, my mother was ill for a while and unable to eat much, so in her new shape, she needed new clothes. Which my dad gave her clothes money (that, my friends, may be the rarest part of this story) and since she still wasn't up to trawling the shops, my sis who works for Macy's and has impeccable taste, managed to get quite a few good pieces on sale. Also, with a 70th birthday on New Years 2008, some of the rest of us gave more money for nice clothes. So, hurrah for a sister with style who can change a "little grandmother type" into a feature in the Lifestyle section of a newspaper. :-O

Just to compare:

My parents-January 2006

Anyway, it is rather a shock to be sent a link to your mother being selected for a Shop Girl Style Award along with several young things.

...even if it is in Maine in the grip of winter and you suspect they all have cabin fever.

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