Thursday, 22 January 2009

Craft Workshop samples

Today I worked on some samples for another workshop for the library. I thought these would be good for February. I am calling the workshop "Thinking of You". Although there is the option to make Valentine related bits, Valentines isn't such a big deal here as it is in America. So, these could also say Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Get Well Soon, etc.

I painted little wooden shapes, stuck them together, made little "stitch" marks with a fine sharpie and wrote the various words...also with a sharpie. These have ribbons on to use as gift tags, but there will also be the option of putting a magnet on the back.

I stuck these together with a glue gun, but since we have to watch cords and hot things at the library, I will actually use tacky glue or something instead for the workshop. This is one of the reasons the workshops have followed more of a craft theme than a sewing one for now. Perhaps once we start having regular workshops we can hold something seperate where the space and Health and Safety aren't such an issue.

Once again I let the hands do the work while I listened to an audio book. This one is a Dorothy Sayers Mystery.

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