Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year! (Doctor)

I got a good start on the New Year with some progress on the current challenge for the Fast Friday group. I will show you tomorrow.

As it is still the holiday, there was a bit of family time telly watching...including the last session with the 10th Doctor Who. We are fans of the show. David Tennet was really a good Doctor. I am glad they made him a bit maudlin lately though because I was starting to get annoyed with that. I hope the new one will be as interesting/exciting.

I never saw it when I was growing up. Well, even if I'd had the chance, I doubt I would have seen it. I used to hide in the hallway when my dad and grandad were watching Westerns!

and on topic...caught in the camera at the petrol station as we filled up to return from Leeds. I took several photos and these are the best of them, but not very good. I couldn't hold it still long enough to keep focus. I should have put it on night photo.
However, I think the atmospheric look and the shot through the window actually makes them look as if we were characters in the show.


Julia in NZ said...


I read your blog regularly so I feel I know you, even though you don't know me. I used to live near Eton and came to Bracknell for a film society that took place in a small former stately home, whose name I can't remember, but did other arty things as well. When I was a kid, I used to hide behind the armchair when westerns were on. I thought I was the only one who did that. Even now I often have to get up and make a cup of tea when the suspense music comes on!

I may or may not get my FFFC piece done. I have chosen the advert and the composition, but not sure about the construction.


Sandy said...

Hi Julia,
Thanks for stopping by! I would love to visit NZ. Have you been there long?

Do you get back to this area often?
Do you think the staely home might have been South Hill Park? They have a small film cinema...for indie and films which may not be current but are still popular. It has really developed as an art centre now. I live just a short walk from there.

Funny about the scary stuff. When I lived on my own, I loved detective shows, but like you, knew exactly at what time the crisis, etc was coming and would either go get a cuppa or keep looking at the watch till I knew the resolution would come. This was in the days of Knight Rider, Magnum PI and similar shows.

I haven't got much more done on my piece than I showed here. I am working on my lesson for Monday night. It really takes alot of time.
Take care,