Thursday, 31 December 2009

Last of the Year, Last of the Decade

and the 400th post!

Thanks to everyone who has been following along! Hope you are having a great holiday break.

What sorts of new things are you doing in the new year? Any thoughts to what you might do in the new decade? Leave a comment and let me know.

Here are some new things I am doing or hoping to do:

1 - from 1 Jan, I am taking on the admin of the Ideas of Inspiration blog. If you are interested in prompts to which you can post photos, doodles, art work, etc you are welcome to join us!

2 - start a wearable art garment to enter a show in 2010. Probably for the Festival of Quilts. I haven't done a wearable art garment since Midnight Dance by Moonlight in 2008. Not sure if I am ready to enter another particular prestigious show I am thinking about, but that can be a goal for the decade.

3 - enter work into one or more of the SAQA exhibitions. Last year, with the new teaching job and the teaching training course, I didn't get any major new work prepared for entering shows.

4 - begin to visit groups for talks. One group has booked me for October to talk about my wearable art garments. I am not sure if I am going to try to contact other groups or wait and see how it goes before I actually begin to do a "circuit" of groups.

5 - enter new work for the Stretching Art Exhibition. The theme this year is "Famous Pairs". The venue for the exhibition has changed from the QHC in Lancaster, PA to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in September.

6 - make new work with my local textile art group EquilARTeral - Jane Glennie, Merete Hawkins and me. We are looking at possibilities of doing an Open Studio or exhibiting with other local artists.

and things I will carry on doing?

1 - Tutor at New Directions, Reading, Berks, UK. Specifically teaching the C+G Creative Techniques: Fashion 7112 course as well as some workshops.

2 - Teaching Crafts @the Library workshop sessions at Birch Hill and Great Hollands libraries. We have set the dates for the last week in each month to make them easier for the patrons to attend.

3 - Co-ordinator for the Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt Group. We have meetings in Jan, May, Sept and Nov. So, I will be organising and working out agendas for those.

4 - monthly journal type quilts with the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge group and the Contemporary Quilt Group. Possibly combining them for most of the year like I did last year.

5 - carry on teaching my little friends at church! and all the other thousands of things I manage to fill my time with!

as well as babbling on to all and sundry who wish to read this blog!


Amy in Austin said...

Hi Sandy. I plan to attempt to enter some magazine challenges (CPS or QA most likely). I plan to publish my dragon pattern and develop a second one. I plan to attempt to finish (second time around for this one) 12 dolls in a year. There are a few other things, but those are the biggies.

Sandy said...

I saw the adaptations to the dragon. Looks good! I am sure your dragon pattern will sell well. maybe if you know someone who goes to Dragon Con they could sell some for you!

I am sure you would do well with QA or CPS as well. you should do an article about developing and perfecting a pattern. I think that would be a great addition to the magazine. It seems alot of them like to do dolls or softys but maybe they don't have any idea of how to make their own pattern.

anyway, its an idea.
Take care,