Friday, 15 January 2010


The overdyeing is in process. In the small container is the piece like no.1 from yesterday that I was already overdyeing. This time I am leaving it at least 24 hours (after wringing the excess liquid) just to make sure it will cure at room temp, rather than the cold temperatures.

Piece no.1 has also been given a start at something new. It has orange, brown and a bit of red.

I decided to see what would happen with some of the dye I drained off. I had dumped them together. Before I drained the red dye liquid from the piece in the small container, the liquid was a blueish purple colour. With the red liquid added, it is a burgandy colour. Of course because it has melted snow, it is diluted, but I thought I would see what would happen with it. I have an old stained damask tablecloth someone gave me, so I scrunched it up and put it down in the liquid.

Tomorrow I will see what it looks like and if the dye liquid is strong enough to have done anything. For this, I am not really looking for anything stellar, it will be one of those pieces that will make up its own mind what it wants to be.

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