Tuesday, 26 January 2010

best laid plans and all that

Well, today sort of got lost in a darkened room. I had another terrible head and even had to cancel the workshop in the library at Birch Hill. I hate that, but what can you do? Hopefully some of the ladies will make their way over to Great Hollands.

Tonight I have been starting to set up a blog for EquilArteral. If we are going to be "real" artists and exhibit in a Museum, it will be good to have a place to direct people who are interested. I will let you know more about it tomorrow when I hope to put some content there.

 Jane posted about the exhibit here.

In starting the new blog, I chose the new blogger editor option. Suddenly I see it has given it to me for this one. I hope it hasn't changed everything everywhere else! Let me know if you struggle to comment in anyway.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I haven't got enough of my brain back for that at present.

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